Can’t keep track of your thoughts? Don’t worry, that’s what apps are for. Google just gave Apple fanatics one more option in their arsenal of virtual memory programs: Google Keep is now available for iOS.
The Evernote competitor (or knockoff, depending on how cynical you are) launched in 2013 and had lived exclusively in the Android ecosystem on mobile. Though it’s always been accessible on the Web, it now has it’s very own stand-alone app for iOS.

It’s not bringing over anything new or groundbreaking — it’s the same Google Keep you’ve come to know if you’ve used it for any other platform, but iOS users will likely find plenty of use for the app.

The unique interface gives notetakers an option to jot down thoughts on a cork board-style layout, populating it with notes of different colors and media types, including voice memos, photos, or videos. Those can be sorted to help bring whatever you need to the forefront, and a search option (of course a Google app has a search function) lets you find specific texts or tags.
Google Keep also features location-based reminders, a handy feature if you type out a grocery list and want it pushed straight to your screen as soon as you walk in the door of the store. A sharing feature, meanwhile, turns note taking into a collaborative process.
While fans of the Google ecosystem will likely welcome the change, Google is a bit late to the game when it comes to iOS. Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote, and a variety of other third-party apps are already available and have been helping people remember things for some time now. Still, the addition of Google Keep to iOS gives the app a feel of universality, assuring users that no matter what device they choose, they’ll be able to access the information they need.