Sony unloads at E3 2015 with new franchises and The Last Guardian

Before Sony took to the stage late Monday night, rumors hinted at the company officially unveiling an extended look at the long-awaited follow up to 2005’s Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian. Though like every E3 conference since 2007, gamers figured the rumors to be a ruse, distracting those looking forward to the show from figuring out the true big reveal before the event even began.
But unlike every one of those E3 showings over the last eight years, Sony’s Japan Studio came to this year’s presser armed with a nearly seven-minute video showing off actual gameplay from The Last Guardian. As hoots and hollars rang out from the attending crowd, it became clear Sony desired to pull no punches for its 2015 keynote.
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Ninety minutes after that big reveal — right around the time Nathan Drake appeared headed for his painful fate in the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay demo — Sony’s E3 event came to an official close. Over the course of the hour and a half show, Sony treated gamers to a slew of exciting announcements and reveal trailers, each of which flanked by more gaming news than anyone knew what to do with. Now with the dust completely settled, we’ve compiled all of the sights, sounds, and otherwise which came out of Sony’s impressive E3 briefing; check out our complete recap below.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was a game that many believed would never come to fruition, especially since it was announced more than six years ago for the PlayStation 3. However, that all changed when Sony revealed the long-in-development adventure title and showcased a lengthy game trailer during its press conference at E3 2015.
The in-game footage followed the character and a massive, dog-like guardian named Tico, as they progressed through a puzzle-riddled level, engaging in all manners of teamwork as they moved about the crumbling environment. Director Fumito Ueda and Sony have claimed the forthcoming title is all about friendship and companionship, and as seen in the latest gameplay reveal, it looks to be the case. Let’s just hope new developer Gen Design can keep the ambitious title on schedule.


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