Get more out of your GoPro with these tips and tricks

Ever since Nick Woodman sold his first GoPro camera way back in 2004, video and adrenaline junkies all over the globe consistently flocked to the extremely durable and incredibly portable camera line. Perfect for strapping to one’s wrist, leg, arm, or otherwise, GoPro cameras became the perfect tool to shoot POV videos, especially in the world of extreme sports. However, due in large part to its sheer portability, even ordinary people began snatching up a GoPro to make all kinds of videos like home movies or even cinematic features.


BlackBerry Android news: BlackBerry Venice slider appears in first high-quality images

Android fans who still desire a physical keyboard might have something to celebrate about later this year. It’s reported that BlackBerry might be working on an Android phone, and it looks like it’s more than just a rumor. Two devices have leaked so far, and reports disagree on which one will run Android. It’s also possible that neither will. Here’s everything we know so far.

Updated on 08-30-2015 by Robert Nazarian: Added in hands on images of the BlackBerry Venice slider.