Vargo Ivargo boasts Snapdragon, 3GB RAM for less than $100!

This is a bit of a public service announcement! We’ve just come across this sub $100 phone and it seems like a bargain!

First of we know nothing about this phone other than what is mentioned over on the the sale page of the handset. We’ve not head of Vargo before, but going of the hardware for this sub $100 phone it looks like one of the first major bargains of 2017!

The 5-inch phone comes with a full metal body, and 1920x 1080 display. A good start, and things jut get better.

How to make a smart TV with Android!

The latest ‘must have’ home and family gadget is the internet connected smart TV with Android. Keep reading to learn how you can make a smart TV with Android to entertain you and your family this winter without breaking the bank!

Flatscreen TV’s

Just a few years ago flatscreen TV’s were expensive luxury items only the lucky few could afford, but as technology has evolved you can now pick up a high quality TV for as little as a few hundred pounds!

Vernee Apollo X: 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM – Do you need more?

Vernee’s recently launched Apollo X is one of the most cost-effective devices they have ever released. The phone is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage; but is that enough nowadays? Let’s find out!

Most phones currently on sale in the mid-range segment are coming with 3GB of RAM and — while they are not few — Android’s aggressive RAM management leaves about 1GB of free space most of the times. Forcing you to occasionally stop apps from to avoid insufficient RAM problems.


“Budget Killer” MAZE Blade officially unveiled

The latest phone manufacturer to come out of China — MAZE Mobile — have just officially launched their first phone. It’s called MAZE Blade and can finally see some real pictures and specs on its product page.

By looking at the photos, I think it’s fair to say it kind of looks like a Sony Xperia Z5, whether that’s on purpose or just a coincide, it’s hard to tell.