Meizu teaser confirms Ubuntu MX4 at MWC

Today in a post on Weibo, Meizu have confirmed that it will be the Meizu MX4 that will be released at MWC next month running Ubuntu.
Since Spanish phone maker BQ launched the first Ubuntu phone, we have been waiting and hoping that Meizu would finally announce their device and that it would have better specifications. Earlier today, Meizu posted an teaser image showing the Meizu MX4 running Ubuntu, with text pointing at a MWC release for the phone!
The image also has the URL for Meizu’s English website so we can look forward to a Meizu Ubuntu phone launched for international markets.


Poll: Rumours of a Chinese Nexus, Who do you want to make it?

Could it be possible that Google are looking to work with a Chinese phone maker to product a new Nexus device? Sounds logical to us, and even insiders are acknowledging rumours of such a partnership.

Tech insiders across China are discussing the possibility of Google working with a Chinese phone maker to produce the next generation Nexus phone. The device, the Nexus 7 (phone), is rumoured to be manufactured by a Chinese brand who can offer high quality at a low-price, and it has gotten us wondering which vendors it could possibly be.

Mystery Xiaomi device to be lightweight and super small, possible GoPro rival?

Xiaomi fans should mark the 2nd March as a date to remember in their diary as a new mystery product will be unveiled, but what on earth could it be?
A teaser posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo simply shows us a picture of a matchbox and promises more in formation on the 2nd March, while a second image shows the matchbox open showing packed luggage and a snorkel mask, so what are Xiaomi planning to launch?
Our guess (and we might be grasping at straws here) is that Xiaomi could finally be ready to unveil their own action camera to rival the GoPro. Current GoPro camera are roughly the size of a matchbox and are very lightweight (once removed from their waterproof casing), and they are perfect for use while traveling or swimming too.

Four new MediaTek powered Archos phones to debut at MWC 2015

Laste year’s MWC spectacle mightn’t have gone too well for Archos, but that hasn’t deterred the company from coming back with a bang. The France-based consumer electronics vendor will be showing off four new phones at the impending mobile show.
The devices — ranging from 5 inches to 6.3 inches — will all come with MediaTek processors and price tags that read numbers lesser than US$200. This includes the 5-inch 720 Archos 50 Oxygen Plus, which is powered by the MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM. The phone will also have an LTE variant which will go on sale later this year.


Mediatek working on Cortex A72 16nm chipset

Sources in China claim that Mediatek are working on a 16nm chipset for launch in early 2016.
Yes, we know that 2015 has only just started, but the tech industry is a fast paced on and to stay on top manufacturers need to be constantly thinking about what’s coming next.

For Mediatek that could very well mean the release of a Cortex A72 based 16nm chipset. Benefits of such a chipset are detailed in the images, and include up to 3.5 times the performance of a 20nm chip, with 75% less power consumption compared to a 28nm Cortex A15 chipset. There could even be larger energy savings, as much as 60% when the new 16nm chipset uses big.LITTLE smart switching from large and small cores.

Samsung unveils first 10nm SoC technology

Forget your 28nm and 20nm, forget even the rumoured 16nm from Huawei! Samsung will be releasing 10nm based SoC’s in the near future.
Chances are you didn’t know that the International Solid State Circuits Conference is in full swing until the 26th Feb, we certainly didn’t, but that show is now on the map thanks to a surprise announcement by Samsung.

Samsung head’s took to the stage at the show to announce their new 10-nm FinFET manufacturing process which will allow next generation Samsung SoC’s to be more powerful and energy efficient than ever.

So far only the manufacturing process has been confirmed, and no actual processors using the tech have been announced so we cannot comment on what other features we can expect from the Korean tech giant.

We do know though that 10nm chips won’t be be seen in production phones until at least 2016, which means a possible Galaxy S7 debut.

Top 10 Chinese Phones Available on Amazon

We have been looking at the availability of Chinese smartphones on Amazon. Here are the top 10 Chinese phones you can buy right now.

It was once a tricky task to get your hands on a Chinese phone, but now there are more ways than ever and Amazon is an often overlooked option. There are 100’s of Chinese phones available on Amazon, but we have picked the top 10 you can buy now. The following links are affiliate links.


Sony SmartWatch 3 review: Android Wear can be remarkably unremarkable

Almost since Android was introduced, it's been followed by people (including me) complaining about manufacturer customizations to the software. Companies like Samsung, Motorola, and LG used to layer horrifically bad software UI on top of the "pure" Android experience. They're better now, but still, there's always been a call for Google to force its partners to keep things in line and just release something close to the original vision.

By all indications, the company did just that with the wearable version of the platform, Android Wear. In the six months since it launched, we've seen a handful of different watches, but very little differentiation. I've been using Sony's SmartWatch 3 for awhile now, and I'm starting to think we had it all wrong. It's not just that this watch is kind of boring (it is), it's that the software platform is already feeling like it's waiting. Waiting for the Apple Watch, of course. Call it the meh before the storm.


Amped Wireless TAP-EX Range Extender Review: Your WiFi Wants This

My smartphone and laptop are fantastics devices.  But without WiFi they’re a few hairs away from being glorified paper weights.  So when the WiFi signal runs dry in my home, I grit my teeth and white knuckle my fists in frustration.  But not any more thanks to Amped Wireless’ TAP-EX Range Extender.

I know, I know.  That endorsement sounds about as “paid for by the makers of…” as it gets.  But honestly, the TAP-EX has been a blessing to my home’s wireless network.  But before I get into why, let me tell you a bit about this ranger extender.