Vernee Apollo has Helio X20, 6GB RAM, Force touch and 128GB memory

Vernee are an all new brand with an all new phone named the Vernee Apollo boasting a Helio X20 chipset and 21 mega-pixel rear camera.

Vernee is a new brand owned by a well established smartphone OEM. According to the Vernee team it’s highly likely that you have already owned a phone built in their factory, and that their decision to build their own brand is to ensure quality phones at cut down prices.


Bluboo Picasso 4G – NFC support confirmed

Bluboo seem to be listening to the customer feedback and they are adding a NFC function to the upcoming model Picasso 4G, the slightly innovated version of the original Picasso. Such additions are always welcome and we can just applaud and call for more from the others.

NFC or Near Field Communication is a wireless comm technology allowing the electronic devices to communicate within a very short range. It’s mostly used in contactless payments or data transfer. Thanks to the NFC support the phone can serve as a kind of “mobile wallet” and can substitute the credit card, so you can use it for example paying in parking automats, tickets booths or maybe opening doors instead of an electronic lock.


Cubot gives Cubot Max buyers a chance to ‘convert’ $1 into $60

We’ve seen these in the past, and it’s probably being done again because it’s worked. If which is the case, I’m surprised! Anyway, here’s how Cubot can ‘convert’ your $1 into $60.

Any customers that place an order on the $0.99 deposit before 12:00 AM Sep. 12 (GMT+8) can enjoy $60 off with exclusive COUPON CODE sent on 17:00 PM Sep.12 (GMT+8).

Use this coupon code and pay the remaining balance before 12:00 AM Sep. 17 (GMT+8). Enjoy priority in delivery! There’ll also be free gifts (Including Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Finger Grip Holder)!


You can now get a taste of Android 7 Nougat on the OnePlus 3

An unofficial CyanogenMod 14 build (based on Android 7.0 Nougat) has been put together for the OnePlus 3, giving its users a chance to get a taste of Android 7.0 before it becomes officially available for the flagship phone.

The ROM comes courtesy XDA Developers user Taker18. Since it’s a very early build, you should expect to have some (maybe more than just some) bugs on the ROM, which hopefully will get ironed out with updates.


Poor G5 sales be damned: LG expects its best second quarter since 2014

Samsung is not the only South Korean phone maker in town that expects a strong second quarter, as fellow South Korean outfit LG expects a two-year high in operating profit, reports Reuters.
According to LG, through a regulatory filing, the company likely made 585 billion won, or $504 million, in operating profit from April to June. That represents the highest operating profit LG has seen since the second quarter of 2014, when the company made 610 billion won, or roughly $531 million.
Analysts believe most of the operating profit comes from LG’s appliances businesses, with unusually warm weather and major sporting events like the 2016 UEFA European Championship as influential factors. Furthermore, the lowering prices of display panels might have helped increase profit margins.

More MOBI, fewer problems: here’s how to get EPUB books on your Kindle

Ebook readers are a nice tool for people who like to do a lot of reading on the go, and Amazon’s various Kindles are among the best. Although the devices provide good performance in an attractive frame, Kindles do have one notable drawback — they do not support the EPUB format. For those unaware, EPUB is one of the most common ebook formats. It’s open-source and free to use, and as such, is supported by most ebook readers aside from the Kindle. EPUB is also a popular format for free ebooks, such as the public domain texts on sites like Project Gutenberg. As such, Kindle users may be miffed to learn they can’t read them.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 will come loaded in smartphones, VR headsets this year

More than 115 flagship smartphones and tablets out this year run Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 820 processor, but the company has dethroned the 820 for a new successor, the Snapdragon 821.
The Snapdragon 820 was already heralded for its speed and processing power when it was announced late last year — it has proven itself as the industry leader as it powers flagship devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, the LG G5, the HTC 10, and the Sony Xperia X.

But starting this fall, expect to see more devices packed with the Snapdragon 821, which Qualcomm says “delivers faster speed, improved power savings, and greater application performance.” To be a little more precise, the Snapdragon 821 offers a 10-percent performance increase over the Snapdragon 820.