MIUI V6 BETA being released for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S WCDMA Today

Got the older Xiaomi Redmi 1S and want some MIUI 6 action then take a look at these official release details.

Swapnil Kolhe, from over the official MIUI forums has been in touch to inform us that MIUI 6 Beta ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S will be released today. The ROM is specifically for the WCMDA variant of the Redmi 1S and brings the latest look, feel and features of MIUI V6 to the previous generation Redmi phone.

Being a Beta ROM users are warned that there are issues with the ROM (such as a reboot kicking in when entering the Game Center while downloading apps), and are asked to report additional problems or issues on the official bugs subforum.

No.1 have their Samsung Galaxy S6 clone ready for release

No.1 get back to their clone roots with a knock off version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which they say they are ready to launch!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a very nice device! It offers great speed, a lovely camera and it is really affordable! Well not it isn’t it’s actually really overpriced which means there are likely at least a couple of people out their waiting to pick up a knock off version.

Usually for clones we look towards GooPhone, but as they have been on the quiet side these days it is No.1 who have managed to get out of the gates first with a knock off version of the latest Sammy product. GizChina.es managed to get these exclusive hands on photos of the S6 clone but it remains to be seen if the flagship looks will be accompanied with decent specifications. In the past we have seen No.1 phones launch with pretty low-end hardware, we hope at least for a 64bit processor and 2GB RAM for the S6 but let’s wait and see.

Pipo X7s mini PC does dual boot (Android+Win8.1) for $130

We’ve seen quite a few Windows 8.1 mini PCs come up in the last 3-4 months, but almost each one of them have been riddled with licensing issues.

Purported 4.7-inch JiaYu S4 details revealed include 64bit chip, USB C and more

Purported JiaYu S4 teasers have been posted over on the Chinese JiaYu forums unveiling some exciting specification details plus a launch date.

Cast your mind back to November and you will have seen renders showing the JiaYu S4 in a 4 different colours and then it all went very quiet as we awaited the release of the flagship S3, but the S4 lives or so it appears.

We haven’t confirmed if these teasers are genuine of if they are simply fan made, but our fingers are crossed and we are holding our breath as the details are very promising. So far what we have are 3 images, all of which reveal details of the sub 5-inch JiaYu S4.
According to the teasers the JiaYu S4 will pack a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 display made of Gorilla Glass 3 and 1.7mm bezels along either side. The same 64bit Mediatek MT6752 chipset will power the phone as the S3 which bring with it dual SIM LTE support.


Lenovo K3 Note is another mean MT6752 phone

Over in China, Lenovo have dished up the goods once again with the release of the new Lenovo K3 Note.

As you would expect from a phone named ‘Note’ this phablet has a 5.5-inch display just like the Meizu M1 note, Mlais M52 Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note. Although Lenovo have kept the Chinese retail price down to only $145, the phone has a FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2GB RAM and 64bit MT6752 processor.

The Mediatek MT6752 has been getting a lot of press time recently as it is the SoC that is powering some of the most powerful Chinese Android phones of the moment yet is is designed to keep overall costs low, hence the incredible price.

HTC announces 64GB version of the One M9, but you're not allowed to have it yet

It looks like the rumours we heard earlier about the HTC One M9 coming in a 64GB version were true, with HTC confirming that it will be releasing the larger capacity handset alongside the 32GB version this month.

The 64GB version will be released in HTC's native Taiwan, but there hasn't been any news on whether or not the rest of the world will see the higher capacity variant.

Both versions of the HTC One M9 will come with a microSD card slot, so even if you go for the smaller 32GB version, you'll still have plenty of space to store your photos, music and apps.

Money money money money money

The 32GB version of the HTC One M9 will sell for 21,900 TWD (around $693, £467, AU$904), while the 64GB version will only be slightly more expensive at 23,900 TWD (around $756, £509, AU$986).

Let's hope that if HTC does bring the 64GB version of the HTC One M9 to other markets around the world, it will also keep the negligible price difference between the two.

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Real photos of the Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows

After the surprising announcement made ​​by the Microsoft that they were working with Xiaomi to release a downloadable Windows Phone ROM for the Mi4, some selected members of the press had the opportunity to test the new Windows ROM on the device itself.
According to some of the testers online, the ROM looked great and worked quite well considering it was a technical preview. Oddly, they also found the overall ROM slightly confusing to use, although this may be because if their unfamiliarity with Windows Phone.
Some testers also felt that the ROM helped the Mi4 feel unique, and that it allowed the Mi4 become less similar to the iPhone.
We’re still waiting for more news about the downloadable Windows Phone. Hugo Barra has clarified that Windows Phone will not be able to dual-boot with Android and that Windows Phone will be installed in a similar fashion to any custom ROM.

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Elephone P8000 full specs revealed, to offer MT6753 plus 4200mAh battery

Elephone have this knack of making some good looking phones, but in the end delaying production for some reason. While that may be true for a majority of their products, I’m sincerely hoping the upcoming P8000 doesn’t live the same fate, for the phone looks pretty darn good from the outset.

Our sources have confirmed most part of the specifications of the upcoming Elephone P8000. The phone will have not the MT6752, but the next-gen MediaTek MT6753 64-bit SoC, which is essentially a member of the MT6752 family, but will reportedly be a knocked down version of the same with a clock rate between 1.3-1.5GHz through the eight Cortex-A53 cores.

Meizu m1 note 32GB listed on on India’s Snapdeal with a hefty price tag

The Meizu m1 note is among the best phones in the sub-$200 category as our review suggests, but it appears as though the device isn’t going to be that affordable in China’s neighbouring market of India.

Meizu only recently gave itself a ninja launch in India, but is yet to make any formal announcements… including those about device. Which is why, I’m a little apprehensive about this listing, but nonetheless: the Meizu m1 note has been listed on domestic Indian shopping portal Snapdeal.com. The device is listed for a hefty 34,999 INR which translates to over US$550.

OnePlus drone confirmed, launching next month!

OnePlus has been a rather radical manufacturer, not only with its only phone, but also with the marketing strategy it chose to follow.

According to a OnePlus employee and co-founder, the company will be releasing a drone next month. OnePlus has extensively been teasing a new product for April, and thanks to a Reddit AMA that the company hosting a while back, it is now known that the new launch will be nothing but a drone.

Wireless charging could be coming to HTC's next flagship

You still can't buy the HTC One M9 quite yet but it's never too early for an HTC One M10 rumour, especially one that's come from a senior staffer at the company.

Taiwan's CTimes claims to have heard from Howard Lee (Senior Director of Project Management and Electrical Structure at HTC) that wireless charging will be a standard feature in the company's next flagship.

Presumably that means the HTC One M10 (or whatever it ends up being called), but you never know, it could arrive much sooner in the rumoured HTC One M9 Plus.

So far HTC hasn't showed much interest in wireless charging beyond the occasional accessory for its phones, but perhaps the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature the tech has spurred it into action.