As I crept up the rotting wooden staircase, I fished a handful of pills out of my pocket and popped them one by one — a mix of amphetamines and painkillers to jack me up for the coming fight. Seeing that was the last straw for Hancock, who pulled me aside to confess his deep admiration for me. I ventured that what we were feeling might be something more than friendship, and damn what anyone else would think. The ghoul smiled and we shared this quiet moment of joy before readying our weapons and rounding the corner to face certain doom at the razor-sharp hands of a monstrous deathclaw. Welcome to life after the end of the world.



A lot of people didn’t understand the first iPad way back when. You’d hear things like “what a dumb idea — It’s too big!” or jokes about it just being a big iPhone. Then the iPad went on to kick off an entirely new era in tablets, phones, laptops, and other gadgets. It’s gotten thinner, sexier, and smarter each year, but not even Apple’s magic has managed to save the iPad from slumping sales.
As our phones have gotten bigger, our need for smaller tablets has all but disappeared. Our real computer is in our pockets, and we don’t need to carry around a slightly bigger version of the iPhone any more. We need something different that changes the game again.