When most people think of Dell computers, they likely think of machines that run Windows — systems aimed at a broad audience of users, rather than the more niche groups that favor a less well-known OS. However, the company isn’t averse to broadening its customers’ horizons.
Yesterday, Dell’s Global Technical Support for Business Customers Twitter account posted a link that explained how to install Ubuntu on one of their machines, as reported by Phoronix. The guide was accompanied by the comment ‘Time for a new OS… why not try #Ubuntu?’
This tweet shouldn’t suggest that Dell is preparing to dump Windows for Ubuntu on a wider scale, but it’s certainly an interesting sentiment for the company to share with the account’s followers. While it’s well loved by its users, Ubuntu doesn’t have anywhere near the mainstream cognizance of popular OS options like Windows and Mac OS X.

Ulefone Be Touch owners can expect Android 5.1 OTA in one month

The Ulefone Be Touch has been shipping out to customers for a few weeks now, and lucky owners can expect an Android 5.1 OTA update in around a months time!

If you have a Ulefone Be Touch then you will already know that OTA updates for bug fixes and general optimizations have already been sent out for the phone. Its a good start which is about to get a whole lot better in 4 weeks time with the release of Android 5.1 Lollipop for the phone.

Android 5.1 brings with it HD voice call features, better security and better multi SIM compatibility. Like 5.9 on the Be Touch, Android 5.1 should remain a stock experience on the Be Touch.

IUNI and Meizu drop phone prices but the IUNI U3 is the real deal!

Both IUNI and Meizu have cut prices of popular device in China, but the clear winner in the price war is the IUNI U3 at incredible 1399 Yuan!

IUNI, a relatively new brand with 4 phones to their name, have joined a price war against Meizu today, but it is clear who is going to win the battle! Meizu recently dropped the price of their 16GB Meizu MX4 in China to 1499 Yuan, a saving of 300 Yuan over the launch price.

But it is IUNI that have really been generous. In an announcement today IUNI have dropped the price of their IUNI U3 to just 1399 Yuan! This is an incredible price.


OnePlus’ announcement for June 1 will ‘shake up the tech industry’

OnePlus has announced in true OnePlus fashion that the Chinese company is going to ‘shake up the tech industry’. To be very fair, that is something their first and only phone yet — the OnePlus One — did also.

There’s no word on what the event will see, but we doubt if it’ll be the OnePlus Two. The OnePlus Two (or whatever the company chooses to call it) will come in the third quarter this year, so there’s at least a couple months to go before that.

The teaser depicts a half-erased image of a OnePlus One and reads ‘Time to change’. ‘Time to change’… could it be a OnePlus Smartwatch? Rumours of a device like that did show up at a point in time but seem to have died down since. Speculations around the announcement also include the possibility of a OnePlus One price cut (wouldn’t that be cool?).

Thankfully though, there’s less than a week to go before we come to know. Let us know what you expect to see on that date!


Meizu not only launching a new phone! Router, watch, power bank and more rumoured

Meizu have posted new teasers today which point at a up to 4 additional accessories that might be unveiled during the 2nd June launch.

Right at the start of June Meizu will be hitting Beijing with a new product launch. We feel fairly certain that the highlight of the event will be the release of the 2nd generation Meizu m2 note with physical home button but that’s not all.

In addition to the new mid-range Mediatek powered phone Meizu might also have a few accessories to show us too.

New teaser published earlier today hint at a possible Meizu route, power bank, air purifier and even a smartwatch or wearable.

If this is the case then Meizu are once again taking Xiaomi’s lead! Xiaomi already have a couple of routers on sale, they also have an air purifier, a range of power banks and the Mi Band wearable.
Meizu have also dabbled in accessories in their launches too. We saw the a drone at the MX4 launch which didn’t go on sale, a WIFI router which also doesn’t seem to have sold and a watch by InWatch which was terrible! Let’s see just howe well these up coming accessories are adopted by fans.

Xiaomi Mi4i wil be available again in India on 25th and 26th May

The Xiaomi Mi4i has been offered in India and Hong Kong so far and now will go on sale in India again on the 25th and 26th May.

Indian Xiaomi fans will once again have the chance to get their hands on the mid range Xiaomi Mi4i in flash sales that will be held on E-Commerce site Flipkart towards the end of the month. The LTE smartphone cost 12,999 Rs in India and comes with a 5-inch FHD display, 2nd generation Snapdragon 615 chipset, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory.

Gionee Elife E8 shows off a gold chassis in new renders

Gionee’s iconic Elife range will get a new addition later this year as the flagship Elife E8 goes on sale complete with gold chassis option.

Gionee’s flagship range has been around for a few years now with the most recent models being the Mediatek powered Elife E6 then the Snapdragon packed Elife E7.

Later this year Gionee will launch the Elife E8, seen in Tenaa leaks already, and with it a move back to Taiwanese chip maker Mediatek. Details of the E8 have emerged to induce 3GB RAM, 6-inch 2K display and a camera capable of taking up to 100 mega-pixel photos! A true flagship hardware package!

Earlier Tenaa leaks also showed us a rough idea of the general design of the Gionee Elife E8 with a rear mounted fingerprint scanner, but new renders give us a better idea of the sleek metal chassis the phone will be built on.

Elephone S2 and S2 Plus appear in their own promotional video

There serioulsy is not a week that goes by without at least a small piece of new from Elephone! So what do they have for us today? A new video showing off the Elephone S2 and S2 Plus in the flesh.

Generally seen as a phone maker who “stacks them high sells them cheap”, Elephone aren’t the brand you think of when you are looking for a device made with a stylish design, dual glass body and alloy chassis, but this could change.

Mpie M7 Plus, If it is to good to be true then….

A concerned GizChina forum member recently stumbled upon a listing for the Mpie M7 plus, a device with incredible hardware at an incredible price, but we think something smells fishy.

If we told you that there is a phone on the market right now that boasts 4GB RAM, an 2.2Ghz MT6752 processor, huge 4400mAh battery, 13 mega-pixel camera, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 5.0 Lollipop it would more than likely grab your attention. If we then told you it cost just $135 then you would probably start reaching for your credit card to buy this killer device!