Xiaomishop.com forced to rename, now called Honorbuy.com

Xiaomishop.com have been a favourite store of ours to buy the latest Xiaomi phones, and accessories, but under pressure from Xiaomi in China have been forced to change the name of their store.
We had heard rumours that Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra was contacting Xiaomi online stores around the world and asking them to no longer use the Xiaomi name in their URL. The issue has been on going for a few months now, but it finally seems like Xiaomi have won the battle and stores using the name in their URL are having to rebrand.
Xiaomishop.com sent out an email yesterday alerting customers that they had migrated all of their services to a new URL to avoid legal action against Xiaomi. The new URL is Honorbuy.com, and in the change the store has also expanded it’s range of products to include Meizu and Huawei phones as well as the whole range of Xiaomi phones and products.

We have had good experience with the company when they were named Xiaomishop.com and believe that this will continue under the new HonorBuy.com name. How many more online Xiaomi stores will be forced to make a switch?

Blackview announce 5 new phone for 2015 line-up

Blackview, sounds like the name of a private security company doesn’t it? Well they aren’t, they are the latest smartphone manufacturer from China to try and tempt your wallet in the entry-level to mid-range market.
To start the new year, Blackview have got together a range of 5 phones. Not all the devices they plan to launch are completely unique and chances are we will see them branded up as something else in a few months, but let’s take a look at their offerings anyway.

Huawei Mediapad X2, LTE tablet

Huawei’s latest tablet isn’t much larger than the biggest flagship phones and you can even make phone calls on it? Is this really a small tablet or a large phablet?
In the past we had seen Android phone makers blur the lines between tablet and phablet, but we though we may have finally put those days behind us until we entered the Huawei media city at MWC.

The Huawei Mediapad X2 is the 2nd generation Mediapad and features a more glamorous gold finish which matches the Huawei Mate 7, oddly enough this tablet almost matches the Mate 7 in size too.

MWC: Huawei Watch could cost as much as $1000!

While I visited the Huawei booth at MWC this week, the design of the product quizzed me on what pricing I thought would be reasonable for their new Android Wear device, but I was not expecting a price as high as this!
I managed to test the Huawei Watch under the watchful eye of one of the designers of the product, and was asked plenty of questions, but price seemed to be the one that he really focussed on. When asked on price I told him honestly that customers would expect the cost to be similar or slightly less than the Moto 360, his answer was “LESS?”.