Android co-creator Andy Rubin may want to build an Android phone

Android co-founder Andy Rubin is rumored to be interested in building a smartphone that uses the operating system he helped create. Whether he heads up a new company to do this, or provides one with support through his own startup incubator, isn’t known, according to a report by The Information.
How has all this come about? First, some background. Rubin co-founded Android, then sold the rights to Google and subsequently joined the company itself. This lasted until 2013, when he decided to leave and the Android reigns were handed over to Sundar Pichai. Since then, one of his most prominent business ventures has been Playground, an incubator that has apparently raised at least $300 million.

New Game of Thrones season 6 teaser shows definite signs of Snow

HBO is still getting a ton of mileage out of the controversial (spoiler alert!) presumed death of Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington). After being stabbed several times in the season 5 finale, the beloved character is ostensibly expected to be dead, but we don’t know for sure. Thanks to a new season 6 teaser, released today, a surge of uncertainty has swelled again.
The controversy over whether or not Snow is dead is not new, of course, with Harrington having been photographed on set in September after denying a return, not to mention his image appearing on a poster for the new season. Many fans have been insistent since the final episode of season 5 that he wasn’t actually mortally wounded. (Never mind how he survived so much damage.) The teaser feeds the confusion, dedicating over half the video to Snow’s image before a voiceover from ESP phenom Bran Stark says, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Letv provide some interesting insight about who’s exactly using their phones

Despite the fact that we have a tonne of new phone brands coming up every year, Letv is a relatively new one. While the company has been around for a long, long time, it’s phones only came into existence in the first half of 2015.

Now that the brand is already a very popular one (among the youth, you would assume), the company has released some interesting insight into the demographics of the user base.

Letv only offer their phones in China right now (although India is soon going to be added to that list), so naturally, the data applies only to the Chinese users of the company’s ‘Superphones’.


OnePlus X on the receiving end of another OxygenOS update today

If you’re a OnePlus X owner with the phone running OxygenOS, keep an eye on the notification bar for there’s going to be an update about a new OTA that’s rolling out for the phone.

You’ll be running OxygenOS 2.1.3 after the update. Before you get too excited, let me tell you that this is only an incremental update, so don’t expect too much out of it. As for the Android version, it’ll still be 5.1.1 Lollipop.