Mlais M52 Lollipop OTA rolls out, hands on video

It’s a few days late but Mlais have come through with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Mlais M52, but before you go ahead and make the switch you might want to check out the details.

Just as OnePlus were late with their latest OTA update, so were new kids on the block Mlais. The original launch date for Lollipop was the 10th of April, then the 15th and now finally today the 17th. The reason for the delay is unclear, but the OTA is here but you might want to put off the update for a while.

We installed the OTA this morning on our review M52. The first issue we had was a constant reboot but removing the battery solved this (not really the correct or safe method to fix it but it worked for us). Once installed the M52 booted up directly into Lollipop and it all looks good with the nice fresh Lollipop UI and animations.

This is not a completely stable ROM though and there are issues that you will need to be aware of before trying the update yourself. The biggest issue is the lack of memory left for the user to install applications, but Gmail also has sync issues and the YouTube application won’t play video. Other reported bugs are camera quality, audio quality and slow UI.

Hands on with Lollipop OTA on the Mlais M52

In its current form we would suggest you stick with Kitkat for now until Mlais can solve the update issues. We have reached out to Mlais who say they are working on the issues now and would appreciate fans to report bugs so that they can be solved in future updates.