HTC One M10 only expected out stateside in May, ‘One Watch’ a little earlier

It feels like we’ve been basically saying the same thing in anticipation of every single high-end HTC product launch over the past few years, and once again, it appears the company’s financial well-being, even its very survival, hinges on an impending flagship phone.

The problem is the One M10, aka Perfume, aka One-something-else-entirely isn’t impending enough, skipping this month’s Mobile World Congress, where the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are expected to go official.

Worse yet, the One A9 lookalike may also skip the month of March entirely, seeing daylight around mid-April in London, and barely going on sale on American shores “the week of May 9th.”

Now, granted, we’re not in the best position to pin down precise Galaxy S7 and LG G5 release dates, on the old continent or stateside. But if the HTC One M10, or however it might end up being called, will indeed kick off US availability in May, its two fierce rivals are definitely looking at important head starts.

We’re talking several weeks, at the very least, and perhaps as much as a full month or two. Sounds like decisive advantage for a couple of flagships expected to generate more buzz anyway, but maybe HTC knows something we don’t.

If not, you can find “small consolation” in the earlier rollout of the long-rumored, elusive One Watch (not a final name). According to one of the most reliable sources in the biz, this mysterious timepiece, which may or may not run Android Wear, shall be officially up for grabs “before the end of April.”

We honestly can’t tell if that’s good or bad news at this point.