Save a load of cash with our one-click guide to the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Because one day a year celebrating unfettered consumerism isn’t enough, Amazon is once again seeking to dethrone Black Friday with its own sales extravaganza: Prime Day. Available only to people with Amazon Prime memberships, the second annual Prime Day promises to be an unparalleled 24 hours of sales. Not only does Amazon promise “more sales than Black Friday,” but the event takes place entirely online, meaning you’re highly unlikely to end up flattened by frenzied shoppers.

To aid you in your quest for savings, we’ve compiled a list of the offerings that are set to go on sale. If you’ve been saving for a chance to splurge on tech, we’ve got you covered. The madness will begin at 12:01 am PT, July 12. In the days leading up to Prime Day, however, Amazon is offering sets of themed deals to get you in the money-spendin’ mood. We’ll have the tech-centric deals listed here — or the best of them, anyway — so be sure to check back daily for updated sales.