Honor 5X looks like it’s just about to finally get Marshmallow

How long after the debut of a major new Android release does it become acceptable that new handsets arrive with that latest software present? We’re not clueless to the realities of the software development process, and all the testing and re-testing that goes into getting a new release ready for a particular smartphone. Development pipelines are easily months, if not years long, and when a new Android version pops up just weeks before a new phone comes out, we’re not about to start making unrealistic demands.
But as the weeks and months go on, how long are we prepared to wait before that brand-new bit of hardware gets some similarly brand-new software to match? This evening we’re checking in with one of this year’s new handsets that hasn’t quite made it to Android Marshmallow just yet, but salvation looks like it’s nearly within reach.
Huawei introduced the Honor 5X back at CES with a really, really nice spread of mid-range specs: 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 615 SoC, 13MP/5MP camera pair, and good-sized 3000mAh battery. All that was well and good, but the cherry on top was the incredibly low $200 price tag.
Solid as that package was, the phone was packing Android 5.1 Lollipop. Again – totally forgivable for an early-year launch, but the clock was ticking on Marshmallow.
Your update still isn’t ready quite yet, but this week Huawei informed Honor 5X users that Marshmallow is likely just around the corner, teasing, “It’s sweet. It’s fluffy. And it’s coming soon to Honor 5x.” The company hasn’t shared a precise date just yet, but tells users to keep watching its social channels for more info.