iPhone 7 rumored to take several thickness-reducing measures, lack waterproofing

Apple-specialized tipsters can never be content speculating about a future iPhone version at a time, so even though the SE, aka 5se or 6c isn’t official yet, there’s plenty of 7 gossip going around for several months now.

The latest report from Japan reiterates and “confirms” a number of past rumors, including the nearly guaranteed headphone jack exclusion, also adding a few new things in the mix. For instance, insiders tell us the iPhone 7 could measure just 6.1mm in depth, a whole millimeter south of the already wasp waist of the 6s.

In order to achieve such an extraordinarily slim profile, Apple may reduce the thickness of the now traditional Lightning port, as well as the rear camera bulge in addition to losing the headphone jack. The latter “omission” should allow Cupertino’s engineers to double down on speakers for the first time ever, though obviously, a stereo arrangement doesn’t inherently ensure superior sound to mono setups.

Despite the many subtle design alterations, the iPhone 7 will purportedly greatly resemble the 6 and 6s at the end of the day, with similar build materials, height and width, and unfortunately, the same liquid damage-exposed body.

Granted, previous-gen iPhones can withstand a few water splashes and even light rain, but anything more than that is devastating to their integrity, and will apparently remain so in the fall. What else? Well, the new “flush” cam isn’t expected to sport dual lenses after all, at least on the non-Plus iPhone 7 configuration, and thankfully, the thinner Lightning connector won’t require a different cable.