Japan Display shows off new Pixel Eyes LCD, gets up hopes of waterproof iPhone 7

A display vendor for Apple’s iPhones has just introduced some cutting edge glass and enhanced tech.

Japan Display Inc. has just started production of its second-generation Pixel Eyes panels. In addition to improved black levels, stylus tip registration down to 1mm and some new sensors and materials. The big “get,” though? Wet finger operation.

That’s what’s getting the rumor mills fired up on this upcoming waterproof iPhone 7. Investors have been betting on it and factories have been working on it. But it seems like Japan Display is getting its work done.

With approximately seven months to showtime for another prime iPhone launch, we’re wondering if other vendors have been able to step to their conveyor belts yet. Or, better yet, will Apple meet its rumored 2018 deadline to switch its display technology to LED?