HTC One M10 ‘Perfume’ is apparently on its way to AT&T with A9-similar design

It was only a few days ago that mobile tipster extraordinaire @evleaks casually tweeted the purported ETA of the HTC One Watch, aka “Halfbeak”, in response to queries for One M10 intel, and already, new information on the flagship smartphone codenamed Perfume is out.

Nothing too juicy or exciting, just written confirmation said handheld is headed for AT&T (among other carriers, we presume), and a cryptic phrase possibly suggesting the M10 will highly resemble the One A9.

In what way, you ask? Well, it could be software, hardware, exterior design or any combination of the three, or it could merely be aesthetics, as HTC decides to once again put off that long overdue and badly needed major high-end redesign.

Granted, the A9 isn’t exactly a carbon copy of the One M9, which is not what we can say about the latter in relation to the M8, but all in all, we were understandably rooting for some sort of departure from the same old, same old aluminum unibody construction, sharp edges and overall industrial vibe.

Of course, “if you like the A9, you’ll love the M10” may also mean the looming Android spearhead is simply better than the iPhone “clone” in every conceivable way, not necessarily following its design language and encouraging Apple-copying accusations.

Guess ultimately, we’ll just have to “wait for the article like everyone else.” That’s right, Evan Blass knows more, and should soon reveal it all about the HTC One M10 “Perfume.”