Rumors point to new beginning at HTC, starting with the HTC O2 flagship smartphone

There are rumors HTC will release a new phone to replace the One M9, a device which may also mark the end of its awkward One Mx approach to nomenclature. Although the phone has been leaked as the M10, it’s also possible the phone will be called the HTC O2. It makes sense really, as it ties in with the One name used on older models, but ensures we all know it’s a sequel. However, we’re not sure what UK network O2 will make of it.

Back to the phone. Several leaks from Chinese sources have painted an almost complete picture of the HTC O2. Mobile-Dad refers to the phone has the M10, and states it’ll have a massive 6-inch screen with a 2K resolution, which we’ll take to mean 2560 x 1440 pixels. Apparently two versions will be released, one with 64GB of memory and the other with 128GB. A pair of camera are mentioned, 20.7 megapixels on the rear and 5 megapixels on the front, plus a 3500mAh battery — considerably more capacious than many other HTC phones.

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The HTC O2 name comes from a MyDrivers report, which repeats speculation the phone will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor. This is where the release timeline gets sketchy. Qualcomm has said 820-powered phones won’t be available until the first half of next year, yet there is talk of the O2 coming before the end of 2015. If it’s the sequel to the One M9, then it’s more likely to arrive at MWC in 2016, which would make the presence of the 820 chip a better bet.

Both Chinese sites have published concept images of what the HTC O2/M10 may look like. The pair agree an almost bezel-less screen is possible, with the MyDrivers render showing a 2.5D curved glass display.

If all that sounds a little to neat and tidy for early rumors, talk of a smaller version of the phone has been circulating, just to confuse us. Mobile-Dad mentions a 5-inch HTC phone for 2016 that may also feature the Snapdragon 820. Which one will be the O2? We don’t know yet, and it may end up that neither exist at all, so treat all the above as speculation for now.